About Cubitas

Cubitas is the destination for beautiful hair accessories.

Accessories so striking and sparkling it's like shopping in an upscale jewelry boutique... but without the high price tags! Cubitas takes a multi-faceted approach in serving our discerning clientele. By combining extensive product selection with extraordinary pricing and uncompromising customer service, we ensure your visit will be unprecedented.

Cubitas was founded by jewelry experts who have over twenty years experience in the market. In light of this background, we can't help viewing our accessories as sparkling jewelry for your hair... and an extension of personal style. Consistently ahead of fashion trends, Cubitas buyers seek out the very latest in hair accessory styles from all over the world and present them to you on our extensive and constantly updated web boutique. From large glittering barrettes to subtly refined hair pins, there is always a treasure to suit any taste at Cubitas!

Despite all the treasures found at Cubitas, there is no need to dig deep into your pocket book when on a shopping spree at this designer destination. Every item in each of our fabulous collections is an exceptional value, designed and made with prime quality and style in mind. Cubitas is dedicated to bringing you the finest hair jewelry available using only top-quality materials... at a spectacularly reasonable price!

Despite our passion for form, Cubitas will not overlook function. We expect each of our beautiful, high-quality hair accessories to perform brilliantly in your hair. An unconditional 30-day, money-back guarantee is our promise that you that Cubitas is a cut above others. We are confident you will be 100-percent satisfied shopping at Cubitas... from start to finish.

Our experienced customer service representatives are happy to help you with any questions or listen to suggestions concerning your shopping experience. You can contact us at info@cubitas.com.